Residential Water Heaters

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GIANT manufactures a complete line of residential – electric, gas and oil-fired water heaters using the best raw materials available in Canada. We manufacture most of our components and are the ONLY MANUFACTURER operating in Canada.

Our automated plants enable us to revolutionize the industry with competitive products that meet your daily hot water needs!


Point of Use

Compact water heaters can be installed wherever a small amount of hot water is needed such as in a cottage, an office, a store or in isolated bathrooms.

Standard, Cascade & Super Cascade

Standard residential electric water heaters have a factory-installed heat trap. It helps reduce the migration of hot water, thus limiting heat loss escaping through inlet and outlet fittings.

Cascade and Super Cascade models are designed with a cold water inlet at the bottom of the tank. They allow you to get 10% more hot water compared to traditional top entry water heaters.

ECOPEAK® technology

Available in 60 Imp. Gal. capacities, these water heaters have three heating elements, they are more energy efficient in peak periods than a traditional two-element model.

For experts

Expert Plus

These highly durable water heaters are made exclusively for certified contractors and qualified installers. Only these professionals can ensure that your water heater is installed in accordance with current codes and standards. You’ll get a superior quality water heater, a better warranty and expert service, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.


Atmospheric Vent

For atmospheric vent water heaters, air is drawn from inside the home and the exhaust is vented into a chimney. This heater features FVIR technology, which prevents the ignition of flammable vapours (including aerosols, solvents, gasoline, paint, paint thinner and lacquer). This water heater also features: a glass-lined tank, heavy-duty anode rod, and a thermostat that allows for easy temperature adjustments. Maintenance is simple with an easy-to-access combustion chamber and conveniently located drain valve.

Atmospheric Vent with Powered Damper

This atmospheric vent water heater uses its flue damper to increase efficiency by automatically opening and closing the vent to reduce heat loss in standby mode. Environmentally-friendly insulation and factory-installed heat trap nipples also reduce heat loss for maximum energy savings. This tank also includes a heavy-duty anode rod. 

Note, power is required for this model.

Power Vent

A power vent water heater is used when conventional chimney venting is not an option. Air is drawn from inside the home, while a motorized blower forces the exhaust outside. This water heater features: factory-installed heat trap nipples, sensor to detect flammable vapours, state-of-the-art electronic gas control, and flexible venting options. This unit is ideal as a replacement water heater in a variety of applications due to its 3-position rotatable blower.

Power Direct Vent

A power direct vent water heater is ideal when inside air can’t be used for combustion, and a longer vent run is required. The air is drawn from outside using a pipe, and a motorized blower forces the exhaust outside. This water heater features: a sealed combustion chamber; factory-installed heat trap nipples; flexible venting options; a compact design for tight spaces, which makes it suitable for closet installations; and a conveniently located temperature and pressure relief valve, drain valve, junction box and anode rod, which allows for easy maintenance.

Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

Offered in 30, 40 and 60 imperial gallon, these tanks keep water at a constant temperature, regardless of demand. When selecting your storage tank, optimize your comfort and choose a potable water or space heating application. These storage tanks are ideal for modern households that require larger volumes of hot water for multiple bathrooms, multi-showerhead systems, extra-large bathtubs or whirlpools, spas, etc.