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Giant is committed to developing technologies that offer you the most satisfaction. For quality and safety reasons, we may need occasionally to repair or replace a water heater’s component or even the entire water heater. Here is some information on inspection, repair, or maintenance of certain models of water heaters as well as the actions you should be taking.

October 2014

Product Description

This voluntary recall involves residential atmospheric gas water heater models (natural gas or propane) in 30, 40, 50, or 60 gallon capacities that were built between April 1st, 2014 and July 18th, 2014. They are white in color and have a red Giant or a Best logo, affixed to the upper front portion of the water heater outside surface. The identification plate found near the gas valve of the water heater shows the model number, the manufacturing date as well as the unit’s serial number.

Hazard Identified

Certain units could have a small gap between the seat of the water holding tank and the combustion chamber. In extreme conditions, this may affect the integrity of the sealed combustion chamber, which in turn may prevent the flame arrestor plate from operating as designed, should there be a spill and/or inadequate use of flammable gas and/or vapor in proximity of the water heater. In such a case, there is an increased risk of fire and/or explosion.

To date, neither Health Canada nor Giant Factories Inc. received any reports of consumer incidents or injuries related to the use of the product.

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