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According to a study by Natural Resources Canada*, every Canadian consumes an average of 75 liters of hot water a day at home. Water heaters account for 19% of the energy consumed by the average Canadian household.

During peak periods, in the morning and evening, high demands for hot water cause enormous pressure on the infrastructure of energy providers.

In order to smooth and / or move sporadic energy demands during peak periods, Giant offers water heaters with adapted design.

*Source : 2016, Ressources naturelles Canada
Available for more than 10 years, water heaters equipped with, three elements, ECOPEAK® technology, provide water that is as hot and equivalent in quantity as a standard two-element water heater, at comparable costs. The first element to be activated during a hot water demand is 800 watts. A standard water heater will activate an element of 3,000 or 4,500 watts. This contributes greatly to limiting high demands during peak periods.
ECOGRID® is the first residential water heater manufactured in Canada that is equipped with a connected controller. Under certain conditions, it allows power grid operators to perform load shedding during peak periods. Before authorizing this action, the intelligent controller will ensure that the temperature inside the water heater remains high enough to prevent the growth of bacteria. The controller may also warn the consumer of potential problems such as a defective item, water leak, etc. Some options will be available via a mobile app.

This technology is currently available only for the utility network.