Eco-friendly foam insulation

— No CFC’S
— No HFC’S
— No VOC’S

In April 1997, Giant Factories Inc. took a giant technological leap forward to help preserve our precious environment when we became the world’s first major water heater manufacturer to insulate its water heaters with eco-friendly foam insulation.

Up until then, we had been using fiberglass exclusively to insulate our water heaters. While we continue to insulate some of our water heaters with fiberglass as it is also eco-friendly, it does have its limitations when used as an insulating material.

After searching all over the world, we found a way around these limitations. This foam insulation has great insulating qualities and is environmentally safe (contains no HCFC’s, CFC’s, HFC’s nor VOC’s).

Giant has always been and will continue to be a responsible corporate citizen. The introduction of foam insulation is another example of Giant Factories Inc. on-going commitment to bring to the water heater market products that are environmentally safe as well as giving excellent quality, best value, and top energy efficiency.