Residential Electric Water Heater – Standard – 60 Imp. Gal. ECOPEAK®

Equipped with technology

This 60 imperial gallon water heater offers the same outstanding features as the Standard models. With three elements, it consumes less energy than traditional two-element models when demand is low. When demand is high, it has the same output as a Standard water heater. It can be connected to 208 V or 240 V power supply.



6 years
on inner tank
1 year
on component parts
*From the date of installation. For more specific warranty details including exceptions, consult the owner’s manual. Certain conditions apply.

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Tried and tested technology
A two-year pilot project was conducted with 75 households to evaluate the three-element water heater’s performance. The study showed that customers do not see any difference in quality between the twoelement model and the new environmentally responsible water heater. In fact, the three-element model is more reliable, since there is less stress on its electric components.

Unlike traditional two-element water heaters, whose power demand is concentrated during peak periods, three-element heaters draw less power and spread energy consumption throughout the day.


ECOPEAK® is a registered trademark owned by Giant Factories Inc.
Comparing power drawn by standard and Ecopeak® water heaters
White line: ECOPEAK® models  |  Gray line: Standard models

Source: Hydro-Québec

White line: ECOPEAK® models
Gray line: Standard models

Source: Hydro-Québec


The top element (3,800 Watts)

Operates alternately with the two other elements to heat water in the upper part of the tank

The middle element (3,000 Watts)

Operates when needed with the bottom element to heat water over a short period of time.

The bottom element (800 Watts)

Operates almost continuously at a very low wattage.


 A sustainable choice that lowers the collective electricity demand during peak periods.

 Price comparable to that of traditional two-element water heaters.

 No difference in your electricity costs.

 No impact on hot water availability.

 Less stress on electrical components, extends service life and increases reliability.

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