The cold overwhelms you and you want to go on vacation?

14 February 2019

During heavy cold, the water in the piping can freeze and cause damages to your plumbing system and your property.

To avoid these predicaments, it is important to follow these steps:

Before your departure:

  1. Cut off the power supply to your water heater.
  2. Close the cold-water inlet valve to the water heater.
  3. For a prolonged absence, you can choose to “winterize” your water heater by doing a complete drainage*.

Upon your return:

  1. Inspect your water heater, if it is in good condition (presence of damages, etc.).
  2. Open the cold-water inlet valve supplying the water heater.
  3. Let the air out of the water heater by opening the hot water of a sink.
  4. Shut-off the tap (sink).
  5. Connect the power supply of the water heater (electricity, gas, oil, etc.).

* If you choose to “winterize” your water heater by draining it, make sure that the drain valve is closed tight and that the water heater is completely full of water before you turn the power back on.

For more information on Giant water heaters, don’t hesitate to contact your local representative or our Customer Service tollfree at 1-800-363-9354, option 1.

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